Eminent doctors confirm together that humor and moral support of each other are as important as personal hygienic protection against coronavirus.

Therefore, Endorphina, an online gaming provider from Prague, decided to react to the situation in its unique style and shared an optimistic “rescue mask” with its players. In response to what was happening around, the company released a series of creative posts, convinced that everything would be fine.

For example, to reduce panic around quarantine and empty shelves in supermarkets, Endorphina decided to remind subscribers that fresh food is always in stock in their games, as well as cash winnings.

The company also offered to not stop travelling! Online travelling, of course! After all, the world of virtual games is still safe and everyone in a matter of seconds can be transported to Africa in a Safari or plunge into the atmosphere of the city of Ancient Troy.

Besides, Endorphina assures that no game release from them will be postponed for later! All premieres will take place on time, and, as the company promised, at least 2 new games will be released per month, which will definitely please players with fresh exciting stories right inside their homes!


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