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Like any industry, many factors can affect the industry’s growth. Some of these factors include changes in government regulations, economic conditions, and consumer demand. With this in mind, here are our top three countries that we predict will see the most growth in gambling in 2023.

New Zealand 

Gambling in New Zealand is expected to increase significantly in 2023 due to the introduction of several new technologies and gaming trends. This includes online casino NZ, virtual sports betting apps, and mobile gaming platforms.

These advancements have made it easier for people to access gambling services from anywhere in New Zealand, giving them more options and opportunities than ever before. Additionally, the increased accessibility of these services has led to a rise in the number of people taking part in different forms of gambling. This is expected to result in an increase in revenue for New Zealand’s gambling industry as more people are likely to engage in various forms of betting and gaming. Along with this, the introduction of new technology also means that there are more ways for people to stay informed about the different types of gambling available, and this will likely result in more informed decisions being made by those participating.

As a result, it is expected that New Zealand’s gambling industry will continue to experience growth in 2023 and beyond.


It is expected that the German gambling market will experience a significant increase in activity in 2023. This is due to several factors, including the liberalization of sports betting, the adoption of updated gaming regulations, and an overall shift towards digital technologies. With its population of over 82 million people and one of Europe’s largest economies, Germany is an attractive market for gambling companies and operators.

The liberalization of sports betting in Germany is a major contributing factor to the anticipated growth of the industry. In 2020, the German government voted to overturn its long-standing ban on sports betting, making it one of the last countries in Europe to do so. The new law will allow licensed operators to offer sports wagering services across the country, which is expected to lead to increased gambling revenues and further liberalization of the industry in the coming years.

In addition, Germany has adopted updated gaming regulations that make it easier for online operators and providers to enter the market. The new legislation sets out specific requirements for licensing, taxation, and consumer protection that aim to provide a safe and secure gambling environment. This will attract more operators to the market, which should lead to greater competition and better services for players.

Finally, Germany is experiencing a shift towards digital technologies, with an increasing number of people using smartphones and tablets for activities such as online shopping and banking. This trend is expected to carry over into the gambling industry, with more players turning to mobile and online platforms for their gaming needs. This could help drive the growth of the industry in 2023 as more people move away from traditional land-based casinos and embrace digital solutions.


The United States is expected to see a significant increase in gambling activity by 2023 due to the legalization of sports betting across the country. The US Supreme Court struck down a federal law that had prohibited most forms of sports betting outside Nevada in 2018, thus allowing states to decide whether or not to offer legal sports betting. As a result, many states have passed legislation to legalize sports betting within their borders, and this is expected to lead to a boom in the gambling industry. New Jersey has the biggest market for legalised gambling in the country as a result of the 2018 decision. Additionally, the proliferation of online casinos and other forms of gambling has made it easier for people to access legal gambling services across the country.

This is predicted to further increase the amount of money spent on gambling activities in the United States, backed up by stats which show that up to 20 million Americans planned to place a bet on this year’s football World cup. With the prevalence of both land-based and online gambling services, it is expected that Americans will be increasingly likely to participate in some form of gambling by 2023.

With this expansion, there are even more opportunities for business growth in the market. Read about how the US market presents lucrative opportunities for operators including global marketing affiliates.

In 2022, the global gambling market was worth $458.93 billion annually, a growth of nearly 59%. With growth expected in the above and many other countries, we should see this rise significantly again in 2023 and beyond.

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