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Native Sportsbook Solutions, the only Native American-owned sportsbook provider and operator that focuses on developing top-tier and profitable sportsbooks, has announced it has selected Quarter4, an AI-powered sports and betting data engagement platform, to propel its goal of delivering the most innovative and profit-enabling solutions for sportsbooks.

“We believe that engagement and retention are key drivers for sportsbook success. The interaction between users and the betting opportunities need to be unique and curated to prompt action. Quarter4 delivers some of the most unique and automated content and data solutions for our platform,” Thomas Gilanyi, co-founder of Native Sportsbook Solutions, said.

Quarter4 generates content and curated data via a validated, deep learning neural network. The system generates a predictive data point for every player and team in select college or professional sports. With up to 3 million probabilities produced daily, and updated no less than every 15 minutes, the non-biased insights deliver an intimate viewpoint for the bettor or fan. No-code widgets, in-game and pregame probabilities and a robust API reduce development costs and time-to-market for its B2B clients.

“Native Sportsbook Solutions has a requirement to deliver quality solutions that focus on profitability for Tribes. This means that bettor engagement and retention are a prime focal point. Our seamless integration, tech-first approach and robust product offering is a perfect fit for this operator and their customers,” Danijela Covic, co-founder and CSO of Quarter4, said.

“Cost-saving engagement and retention strategies are top-of-list for all of our customers. Automated technologies propelling these strategies will remain of utmost importance to us as we deploy our solutions. Through the integration of automation and AI, along with re-thinking vendor contracts and in-house technology, we are able to cut operator costs by up to 50%. The savings go right back to the Tribes,” Thomas Gilanyi said.

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