Alpha Esports Tech, a technology company that focuses on emerging markets in esports, mobile gaming, commerce, blockchain, and high growth opportunities, has announced that Alpha’s subsidiary Paradise City Gaming has begun the development of its Metaverse technologies, which are AR-based experiences that will bring the virtual world together with the physical world.

Using Niantic’s software toolkit, Lightship, the same technology that was used to develop Pokémon Go, Paradise City will start developing experiences encouraging users to participate in real world challenges with the opportunity to earn NFT rewards and Alpha Coins, Alpha’s utility crypto token. Pokémon Go is one of the highest downloaded apps with over 100 million downloads on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The Metaverse, also regarded as the “next internet”, combines VR and AR technology that can allow users to be inside a digital universe. The Metaverse has unlimited opportunities for users from gaming, to shopping, to work, to relaxing with friends and family. Microsoft and Facebook have already announced plans to launch into the Metaverse.

“Alpha has always been a pioneer of new technologies and we continue to show our commitment by integrating the Metaverse within our business model. We believe esports and mobile gaming will be one of the first integrations into the Metaverse and it is important to stay ahead of the competition. Paradise City will continue to work on Metaverse technologies and integrations within the Alpha ecosystem, including products which drive user engagement and monetization for the Company,” Matthew Schmidt, interim CEO of Alpha, said.

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