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A new British corporate identity called Allwyn has been created by Sazka Group to unify the group’s UK operations under a single brand.

Allwyn has received the new transformational identity under the specialised agency which is based in London, North. This new brand identity would allow Sazka to take control over lottery brands across Europe.

Further Sazka is active in counties like the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and Austria, where Allywn will incorporate Group’s activities.

Robert Chvátal, CEO of Sazka Group, said: “I’m extremely proud of our success across Europe and I’m hopeful of continuing this journey in the UK by supporting the creation of Allwyn for the UK market.”

“Since 2013, our track record has spoken for itself: huge sales growth, more people playing, billions back to governments for good causes, and a robust approach to player protection. Allwyn can bring the same sort of innovative thinking and success to the UK.”

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