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Casigrangi, a subsidiary of Groupe Philippe Ginestet, has completed the purchase of 75.07% stake in Société Française de Casinos (SFC), the owner of casinos in Gruissan, Châtel-Guyon, Port la Nouvelle and Collioure.

Casigrangi has bought all of the shares in SFC held by Foch Investissements, Verneuil Finance and Framéliris. The Board of Directors of SFC believes the deal will accelerate the development of the group.

Immediately after the completion of this transaction, the set-up of SFC’s Board of Directors was changed to reflect its new shareholder structure. The Board of Directors is now made up of Dominique Gortari, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and has Board members, Isabelle Bellino, Agnès Courtade, Julie Humbert and Alban Duchène.

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