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A prominent online gamer has raised over €47,000 (£42,000) during a 24-hour charity live stream in aid of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Kim Hultman, known best as the host of ‘LetsGiveItASpin’ and for co-founding the popular gaming website, embarked on his 24-hour streaming challenge with friend and co-host, Blanco.  

During the 24-hour challenge, Hultman and Blanco took part in various challenges, notably the shaving of hair and beards and engaging in food eating challenges that included the consumption of CAT FOOD. 

Hultman originally intended to raise funds for suicide prevention – a topic very close to his heart. However, as the effects of COVID-19 ravaged communities throughout the world, he felt he could have a greater impact using his platform to raise awareness and funds for Coronavirus relief efforts.  

To date, the livestream has raised over €47,000 for the World Health Organisation and Hultman could not be more grateful to the online gaming community. 

He said, “I can’t express in words how grateful I am. Although we received some very large donations, we found that smaller donations added up to twice this amount. It proves that no matter how much you have, giving even just a little can go a very long way.” 

Despite the success, Hultman has no plans to conduct another 24-hour livestream anytime soon.  

He is, however, exploring new opportunities that allows to leverage their in-house resources and expertise to create more unique content for their audience.

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