Mobile Gaming Company BoomBit announced the launch of BoomLand – the first dedicated Web3 gaming platform, metaverse, and play-and-earn ecosystem built on Supernet technology. BoomLand launches in collaboration with Polygon Studios, an organization onboarding projects, brands, and artists to Web3 through investment, development, community, and marketing support. Polygon Ventures, the investment arm of Polygon, has also invested in BoomLand.

BoomLand is set to unveil a new blockchain gaming ecosystem that ties in Web3 elements, including play-and-earn, a metaverse, NFTs, DAO, and GameFi, into a single, user-friendly ecosystem. First to launch from its roster of Web3 games will be “Hunters On-Chain,” a play-and-earn, free-to-play mobile game equipped with an NFT lending and borrowing marketplace.

BoomLand was founded as a Web3 Gaming Platform, focused on publishing great games in partnership with its initial content provider, BoomBit, one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming studios globally, with 33 million monthly active users, 200+ games published, and over 1 billion downloads to date.

Opting to build on Polygon’s newly unveiled Supernets network, BoomLand seeks to mitigate congestion issues, remove high gas fees, and reduce latency concerns through an efficient and fast blockchain ecosystem that will run via a Decentralized Publishing Organization (DPO). Using the native $BOOM token, users will be able to contribute to governance functions and decide how the ecosystem evolves.

Hannibal Soares, CEO of BoomLand, said: “BoomLand is designed to evolve gaming experiences into a Web3 format that fosters a player-first economy. By building on our own dedicated chain, we’re able to abstract the complexities of blockchain while still providing the core benefits such as verifiable digital ownership, secondary markets, and play-and-earn rewards.”

This partnership marks the historic first deployment of a gaming ecosystem on the Polygon network via the Supernet infrastructure. Acting as highly customizable sub-chains, Supernets allow developers to deploy decentralized applications via a bespoke configurable network without having to build their own infrastructure.

Steven Bryson-Haynes, VP of Business Development, NFT & Gaming at Polygon Studios, said: “BoomLand will be critical in introducing new, non-blockchain native users to Web3 gaming. We’re incredibly excited to bring them into the budding Supernet ecosystem and eager to see what they can create.”

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