STYNGR announced it has partnered with Warner Music Group (WMG) to supply game developers with access to pre-licensed tracks from portions of the company’s rich music catalog.

A wide number of talented game developers across the gaming ecosystem, including single A and AA developers, will have the ability to integrate licensed WMG recordings into their platforms for inclusion in customized radio stations and music-based character enhancements using STYNGR unlocks monetization opportunities through micro-transactions, subscription, and advertising.

“Our mission is to remove the barriers and let gaming studios – especially the massive middle class of developers – offer music in a way that reduces licensing friction whilst being gamer friendly,” said Alex Tarrand, Co-Founder of STYNGR. “Gaming is in our DNA and our service caters to how games are leveraging music today as well as the future of audio vanities. We allow developers to get the commercial music their users want without having to handle music licensing, distribution, and payments on their own. We also offer the option to flip the model on its head and monetize popular music within a game.”

Tarrand adds: “Our solution offers top tracks to gamers. It’s simple to integrate and handles all the backend rights management. STYNGR ensures artists are paid for their music and gamers get an amazing experience. We also will assist our clients in connecting with our label partners for other in-game artist exclusives from some of music’s biggest acts.”

Alex Kamins, SVP, New Business & Ventures, WMG added: “Partnering with STYNGR will allow us to expand the presence of music across the global gaming ecosystem. These integrations will enhance the experience of players and provide new, gaming native opportunities for WMG artists to engage their fans and generate incremental income.”

Studios like Firefly Games are planning a number of music-based game integrations with STYNGR throughout 2022. First on the roster for Firefly Games is an immersive interactive experience within Terminator: Dark Fate. Following this release, additional music-related cosmetic purchases and artist driven integrations are planned for other games of theirs including Rainbow High and their new Umbrella Academy game, which is currently in development.

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