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The HLTV Award Show 2022 presented by 1XBET is the event fans and players of the esport community have been yearning for as it elevates the industry to the next level. The exclusive, invite-only, event took place in Stockholm on January 14 and is the world’s largest esport award show watched live by more than 250,000 fans. The efforts by HLTV align perfectly with Better Collective’s ambition to become the Leading Digital Sports Media.

Notable members of the CS:GO community gathered at the annual HLTV Awards 2022 presented by 1XBET, to pay homage to the best of the best within the esport; Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO).

The esports market has boomed in recent years with an increasing number of viewers tuning in to watch the world’s best gamers play their favourite game. By 2025, it is expected that more than 318 million esports enthusiasts will be active worldwide – a significant increase from the 215.2 million in 2020. Also by 2025, it is forecasted that some 322.7 million will be occasional viewers of esports. CS:GO is the most mature esport within the market and thereby the flagship game.

Founded by two Danes in 2002, HLTV is the leading esports community in the world, providing news from the industry, CS:GO match information as well as player and team rankings. HLTV is behind the official CS:GO World Ranking as well as the CS:GO Player of the Year Award, and has been the most popular site for CS:GO enthusiasts across the world for years. On average, the community has around 5-6 million users and more than 250 million page views monthly.

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