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PUBG MOBILE is pleased to present the 2022 PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL). The league will see the introduction of a brand new format and the addition of two new regions. In order to enhance excitement and create a stable competitive environment, the PMPL will now run on a 1-year-cycle instead of seasonal relegation, where the best pro teams in the world compete for a $5.3 million prize pool.

The PMPL has yet again expanded to more regions with the addition of PMPL Pakistan and PMPL Africa as PUBG MOBILE looks to offer even more opportunities for players. As previously announced the PMPL has also seen a change in region classification with EMEA and MENA & SA regions now being classed as Europe, South Asia and Middle East & Africa.

The PMPL covers five Regional Championships including PMPL Southeast Asia Championship, PMPL South Asia Championship, PMPL Americas Championship, PMPL European Championship and PMPL Middle East & Africa Championship. Each PMPL region competes for spots in its PMPL Regional Championship which will take place either in May or June.

The start dates for 2022 PMPL Spring are:

  • PMPL Southeast Asia
    • PMPL Indonesia Spring: March 23rd
    • PMPL Vietnam Spring: March 22nd
    • PMPL Thailand Spring: March 23rd
    • PMPL MY/SG/PH Spring: March 23rd
    • PMPL Southeast Asia Championship Spring: June
  • PMPL South Asia 
    • PMPL South Asia Spring: March 29th
    • PMPL Pakistan Spring: March 22nd
    • PMPL South Asia Championship Spring: May
  • PMPL Americas 
    • PMPL Brazil Spring: March 4th
    • PMPL LATAM Spring: March 4th
    • PMPL North America Spring: March 21st
    • PMPL Americas Championship Spring: May
  • PMPL European 
    • PMPL Turkey Spring: March 21st
    • PMPL Western Europe Spring: March 22nd
    • PMPL European Championship Spring: May
  • PMPL Middle East & Africa 
    • PMPL Arabia Spring: February 14th
    • PMPL Africa Spring: March 22nd
    • PMPL Middle East & Africa Championship Spring: May

A one-time-only PMPL qualifier event has also been introduced to kickstart the new PMPL qualification system. Since the PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO) no longer feeds into the PMPL, a selection of new teams will need to be determined. Teams invited to the PMPL qualifier include lower-seeded PMPL teams and top semi-pro & amateur teams from last year‘s official PUBG MOBILE supported competitions such as PMNC, PMCO and more. High ranking teams from last year’s PMPL receive a direct invite to compete in the 2022 PMPL.

PUBG MOBILE also recently announced a competitive shift by making its esports ecosystem pyramid bigger and stronger in order to host more tournaments and regions. PMCO has switched to a regional amateur & semi-pro competition and will no longer be a gateway to PMPL. Instead, teams will compete through the PUBG MOBILE National Championship (PMNC) or Regional Cup with a chance to reach PMPL in 2023. Teams will also be able to compete in PUBG MOBILE Esports authorised events throughout the year to rack up points and qualify for PMNC or Regional Cup at the end of the year.

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