GeoComply has announced its partnership with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and employment for Indigenous peoples of North America and the Pacific Islands.

By partnering with AISES through education and employment programs, GeoComply aims to advance diversity, inclusion and equity in STEM, with a particular focus on the gaming industry.

“We’re looking forward to creating education and career opportunities for indigenous communities in North America at GeoComply,” says Lindsay Slader, GeoComply Managing Director of Gaming. “These communities make up nearly half of gaming operations in the US and can play a significant role in advancing STEM in those industries.”

“As our world becomes more advanced with technology and science, and our Tribal Nations continue to grow and flourish, our Indigenous students must understand how and why a STEM career can not only provide an amazing career, but can also provide opportunities to give back to our communities and our world”, says Dr. Johnny Poolaw the AISES Director of Student Success.

Today’s announcement underscores GeoComply’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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