Miko Adventures Puffball by game development team Coriander Games from Egypt has won the Fan Favorite vote number 17 at the Game Development World Championship 2021 (GDWC). The game will be released on Steam later this year.

“Miko is a raccoon who lost his way while wandering through the forest, he discovers a portal and upon touching it he finds himself in a world full of dangers. Miko is transported into another dimension and your goal is to help him find a way back home but it wont be an easy journey..”

More information about Miko Adventures Puffball at GDWC:

2nd place went to by Dino Galaxy Tennis by Vixa Games from Poland. “Take on the role of a dinosaur, whose dream is to win the Galactic Tennis Tournament. To reach the grand final, you will have to visit 5 planets and defeat leaders”

3rd place was taken by DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure by KovalGames also from Poland. “Explore the mysterious technology in a thrilling platformer. Face up to hundreds of prepared challenges, discover the terrible secrets of the hero’s past and… humanity, and learn a great secret.”

GDWC Team sends congratulations to the Winners and thanks to all voters and Nominees. Each week nine games are featured on the GDWC website in a public vote with the winner moving onto the Final vote. Find latest Nominees at https://thegdwc.com.

Check out the Fan Favorite Round 18 Nominees here:

GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite Vote 18 Nominees are:
– Against the Storm by Eremite Games (Poland)
– Alisa by Casper Croes (Belgium)
– Apolune 2 by Lost Astronaut Studios (USA)
– Distorted World by Distorted World (Russia)
– Dive in the Past by 3D Research Srl (Italy)
– Hell Pages by Medusa Head Games (Brazil)
– MechBeet 2 by Spinning Devs (Poland)
– Racing forever by M.O.A.B (Russia)
– The Lady Puppet by SEELE Games (Italy)


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