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Aggregator and platform United Remote has announced the appointment of Christopher Grech Bonett as the company’s Head of Human Resources, another important enlargement to the United Remote management group under industry veterans CEO Jeremy Fall and CFO Volker Rohde. Grech Bonett will implement comprehensive human capital strategies to achieve organisational goals, improve employee engagement and retention scores, and enhance the employee experience.

Mr. Grech Bonett brings a wealth of experience in human resources management with him to the company having been recruited from STMicroelectronics where he was Human Resources Business Partner Manager, as well as working with Swedish mobile gaming company and provider of online casino and sports betting services, LeoVegas. During his tenure at STMicroelectronics, Christopher partnered with leadership to proactively identify and address HR challenges, investigate and manage conflict, develop and implement corporate polices for increased efficiency, and deliver training.

Christopher takes over the HR Department at United Remote following significant remodelling of the function by HR Consultant Kevin Norville. The team at United Remote has been encouraged to openly discuss the goals that have to be achieved and how to meet the company’s growth plans, this now forms part of the fabric and culture of the business on a daily basis. The HR plan mirrors this with processes and products, alongside the people in the team.

Softer elements like office setup, good communication, catered lunches daily in the common area, help release a revitalised team spirit by allowing people to talk with workmates in a different way. HR is considered an equal within the company compared with software or operations or marketing or finance, or any other aspect of United Remote’s business.

United Remote has successfully completed a period of intensive reshaping driven by the need to embrace game-changing innovation which has resulted in major technology and enterprise investments. The organisational culture has been significantly reshaped to provide added-value to operators.

In addition to technology investments and enhancements, United Remote has been adapting the agreements the company previously had put in place, de-risking the entire enterprise, and focusing very particularly on customer protection. United Remote has embraced substantial change to streamline new integrations and provide operators profitable real-time data. This is all part of upping United Remote’s service to the iGaming industry and ensuring that the B2B-channel is given priority with an easy-to-use back-end where operators can quickly set up the tools available on the platform.

Christopher Grech Bonett, Head of HR, said: “I believe human resource management is key to a company’s success because it can enable its departments to deliver programmes and services in the most efficient manner possible. I am very excited at the opportunity to serve the team leaders and lead the Human Resources Department in such a rapidly growing company.”

Announcing the appointment, United Remote Group CEO Jeremy Fall said: “Christopher has an extensive background in human resource management and he will be able to hit the ground running. He also has valuable experience in innovative human resource solutions that will be a great addition to our senior management team.”

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