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Copper Box Arena, the Home of eSports, as the Positive effects of gaming are revealed in new study



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Better gyms and leisure surveyed over 2,000 people in the UK, including almost 1,000 gamers, on the benefits of gaming and their perceptions of what a gamer is.

  • 95% underestimate the physical activity and training regimes of pro gamers.

  • 86% of people in the UK don’t think eSports athletes deserve the same recognition and respect as traditional athletes.

  • Non-gamers get just 12 minutes more sleep per night than gamers.

  • Over a third of gamers say their attention has improved since starting gaming.

Copper Box Arena on Queen Elizabeth Park in East London celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary this year and is fast becoming the home of eSports in the UK, with a new study revealing the diverse image of gamers and eSports professionals across the country, as well as a host of positive impacts associated with gaming.

The research from Better, operators of the Copper Box Arena, found that 96% of gamers report positive impacts in their day-to-day lives, with benefits including improvements to their attention span (33%), stress relief (50%), a sense of escapism (48%), and improved mental health (30%). For many, gaming allows players to connect with others online and temporarily escape the stresses of the real world, with Copper Box Arena providing a huge platform for the gaming community to share in these benefits.


Copper Box Arena is drawing in avid eSports fans from all over the world, and Stuart Hutchison, General Manager at Copper Box Arena, said: “We’re immensely proud to be part of the emergence of eSports. Copper Box Arena is rapidly becoming the home of eSports in the UK after hosting huge tournaments such as League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone Global Series Finals already this year.”

86% of people in the UK don’t think eSports athletes deserve the same recognition and respect as traditional athletes.

Despite the gaming industry’s rapid growth and the evident benefits of gaming, the study revealed that there is still some way to go to convince non-gamers, with many misconceptions of gaming still prevalent.

Overwhelmingly, 86% of respondents in the UK do not believe that eSports athletes deserve the same recognition and respect as traditional athletes. Furthermore, only one in five respondents viewed eSports as a legitimate form of competitive sport compared to traditional sports like football and rugby, and almost 9 in 10 Brits were unwilling to accept eSports into the Olympics.

Additionally, over half of the UK population (54%) believes gaming can cause some form of social isolation, and three in 10 feel it would encourage poor mental health. While our study showed gamers were actually spending more time outside than non-gamers, Brits still believe gaming would lead to a lack of exercise (58%), an unhealthy lifestyle (47%), and a poor diet (42%).

However, there is a glimmer of hope for eSports enthusiasts, as a quarter of Brits believe that eSports has the potential to attain the same level of popularity as traditional sports in the future, signifying potential growth amongst fans of the industry.


Commenting on the comparison, Nathan David, Head of Foundation at the College of eSports (CoEs), which offers innovative and practice-focused degrees in a range of international eSports business areas, said: “If you speak to any performance athlete, they will tell you that despite the physical aspect of sport and competition being key, the mental and psychological factors are just as important; dealing with stress and performing under pressure are two parallels often referred to.

“I think you will see an attitude change in the perception of eSports over the next 5 to 10 years or so as misconceptions and further understanding of our industry is addressed.”

Non-gamers get just 12 minutes more sleep per night than gamers.

The prevailing stereotype of gamers as isolated, sedentary individuals glued to screens has long persisted. However, the research reveals that gamers actually spend longer on average outside each day than non-gamers. With regards to sleep, over half (56%) of Brits felt gaming would encourage a lack of sleep. However, non-gamers stated they get an average of just under six and a half hours a night, compared to gamers’ six hours and 16 minutes, revealing a minuscule 12-minute difference between the two.

Nathan David said: “We always promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes promoting your wellbeing socially, mentally, and physically. It is undeniable that gaming is almost entirely sedentary, but it is achievable to still be physically and mentally healthy despite playing games. Good sleep/recovery, a balanced diet, and physical activity are necessary in all forms of life, including for esports players or gamers.”






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PUBG MOBILE Esports is thrilled to announce that the 2024 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC) will be held in the UK, taking place live next December with a $3 million prize pool. The first time a major PUBG MOBILE event has been hosted in the UK, this tournament will bring local fans a unique opportunity to see the very best skill that the world has to offer. This news comes ahead of this year’s 2023 PUBG MOBILE Grand Finals in Istanbul.

James Yang, Senior Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports, announced the news during the opening ceremony of the 2023 PMGC Grand Finals, with the exact UK location to be revealed at a later date. This is the first time a major PUBG MOBILE event has been held in the country and the first in Western Europe since 2018.

The highlight of the PUBG MOBILE Esports calendar, the PMGC brings together dozens of teams from around the world to compete in the ultimate showcase of talent. This year’s Grand Finals are taking place this weekend in Istanbul, Türkiye, where the final sixteen teams remaining in the competition will battle it out to become PUBG MOBILE World Champion.


Joining next year’s PMGC in the top tier of PUBG MOBILE Esports events, as well as next year’s midseason tournament in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the PUBG MOBILE Global Open (PMGO), which will take place in Brazil throughout March and April 2024 and feature a $500,000 prize pool.

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Global Esports Federation joins UNESCO Chair on Governance & Social Responsibility



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The Global Esports Federation is honored by the appointment of Thanos Karagrounas, GEF’s Executive Director, Strategy & Impact, as a member of the Advisory Committee of the UNESCO Chair on Governance and Social Responsibility in Sport.

The UNESCO Chair was established in June 2023 with the long-term aim of fostering an integrated system of research, education, and training to enhance the quality of governance practices within the sport industry and advocate socially responsible program designs that prioritize sport as a core component.

As a global leader in the realm of sustainable development and social impact, Thanos Karagrounas has been appointed to play a pivotal role in the Advisory Committee, co-coordinating one of the six strategic pillars on esports.


“It is a distinct honor to be a member of this esteemed group of internationally renowned experts. The opportunity to combine our diverse experiences and perspectives will contribute to the Chair’s objectives. The inclusion of esports as one of the UNESCO Chair’s six strategic pillars, underscores the important role GEF is playing in the governance and social responsibility realm and our commitment towards making an impact on a global scale.” ~ Thanos Karagrounas, GEF Executive Director, Strategy & Impact

The GEF convenes its #worldconnected esports community, harnessing the energy to drive meaningful progress. As a member of the Advisory Committee, the GEF looks forward to contributing its expertise to accelerate its overall contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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DUST Identity Inc.

DUST Identity Announces $40M Series B and Partnership with Oxygen Esports





DUST Identity Inc., whose technology enables product authentication by linking physical items to their digital records, announced the launch of its mobile solution, which is fueling its growth into new industries. Initially designed for high-security applications, the company is now expanding its offerings to include the authentication of luxury goods, artwork, game-used apparel and memorabilia, and other one-of-a-kind items. This expansion comes as DUST signs a partnership with Oxygen Esports and raises $40M in Series B funding.

DUST Identity’s new product line for mobile is an on-demand solution that reinforces authenticity for any physical object of value by enhancing the traceability and visibility of the object’s origin. Oxygen Esports, one of North America’s largest multi-title esports organizations, will leverage this new solution through a recently signed partnership agreement with DUST. This partnership comes as DUST sees keen interest from the sports and entertainment space. It also signals DUST’s growing commitment to enabling organizations to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with fans through the activation of authentic, game-used merchandise.

“The merchandise we sell reinforces our brand reputation and DUST’s solution is helping us protect our brand, athletes, and fans from counterfeit memorabilia. We’re looking forward to working with DUST to unlock rich omnichannel experiences for fans, as we leverage their technology,” Dani Marks, CMO at OXG, said.

The partnership with Oxygen Esports and launch of the company’s mobile solution follows a $40 million Series B round led by Castle Island Ventures, with participation from Amex Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Airbus Ventures, 8VC, and others.


For new investor Amex Ventures, this round signifies an opportunity to invest in an innovative solution that can help brands enhance trust with their customers and unlock new growth opportunities.

“We all interact with many physical items daily, but largely have no proof of these items’ origin. By linking a physical item to its digital record, DUST’s technology provides new capabilities to track and trace an item across its lifecycle. In doing so, DUST helps unlock new customer engagement opportunities and loyalty concepts for brands across a wide range of industries,” Margaret Lim, Managing Director of Amex Ventures, said.

Ophir Gaathon, CEO and Co-Founder of DUST Identity, said: “People want to trust that the products they are spending their time and money on are genuine, and the foundation of that trust comes from being able to validate an item’s authenticity. Our technology provides that validation. DUST Identity has broadened its mission of protecting and connecting everything that matters by introducing our new mobile solution. We’re excited to utilize our funding to deliver on this mission as we bring our technology to many new industries.”

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