Grover Gaming has announced that it has reached a deal to acquire the assets of NexLevel Gaming.

Prior to this acquisition, NexLevel Gaming was poised to become one of the largest distributors of Electronic Instant Bingo in the State of Ohio.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is in the process of licensing both manufacturers and distributors of Electronic Instant Bingo devices along with the charities, fraternals, and other nonprofit organizations that will use the devices in Ohio.

“We are very excited about the NexLevel team joining our Grover Gaming family. We have known the principals and most of the employees for quite some time and are thrilled to bring onboard such experienced sales, marketing, and customer service professionals. We believe that, when licensed, we will have a truly spectacular team to service the charities of Ohio,” Garrett Blackwelder, President and Owner of Grover Gaming, said.

Grover Gaming was already licensed by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office as a Bingo Supply Manufacturer and has applied for the separate Distributor license and the Electronic Instant Bingo endorsement to each of those licenses. Under the new law, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office cannot issue any of Electronic Instant Bingo licenses until April 1.

“We are in the process of onboarding these new team members right now and I really look forward to seeing this newly constituted team in action. Ohio is a very important market for us and we are planning to duplicate the success we have had in other states such as Virginia and North Dakota,” Jimmy Forrest, Vice President of Sales at Grover, said.

While acting as both a manufacturer and distributor in Ohio, Grover has previously stated that they will not be requiring any long-term commitments from the charities and fraternals in Ohio.

“We will not be asking the charities to sign contracts. We want to continue to earn their business by providing the best performing games in charitable gaming and giving world-class service,” Forrest said.

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