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The past month was very eventful with many news for 4Elements and today we are excited to make the next big step. 4Elements enters League of Legends and becomes part of the 2021 Belgian League as one of the chosen teams.

The Belgian League ( is the official European Regional League of Belgium, signifying a major step in bringing the regional League of Legends scene to a new professional level. The league features six participating teams facing-off for their share of the €25’000 prize pool throughout 2021 and the chance to participate in the European Masters, where the best from each region fight for their glory. The season is split between a Spring split and a Summer split followed by Country Finals.

“4Elements being part of the Belgian League marks a huge step for our company and it is part of our long-term strategy, so I am glad that it worked out. Now let’s create something awesome together with our community.”, said Paul Helder, CEO at 4Elements.

The coming season starts in January and 4Elements has until the end of the year to finalize its roster.

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