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Cyprus-based betting giant Parimatch has confirmed that it is looking forward to joining the the license application process in Ukraine. The company is already operating in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus in addition to Cyprus.

“Parimatch holding only operates in ‘regulated jurisdictions’, which sometimes means it has to wait a long time for markets to open and licences to be provided” explained Maksym Liashko, who as Partner at Parimatch oversees legal, finance, compliance, and communications areas. “The company is aiming to get one in Ukraine as soon as the application process starts, which is a vitally important process, as obtaining the licence will allow Parimatch holding to enter a key region in the Eastern European market. Also, as a policy, Parimatch holding does not operate in non-licenced countries, so it’s important that it can operate in the licenced countries it wants to enter.”


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