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Affiliate compliance specialist Rightlander has launched its product and service portfolio in Portugal and Bulgaria.

Operators in these two countries will now have access to the full spectrum of products including affiliate landing page tracker, PPC partner bidding tool, responsive affiliate finder, live enforcement and quick start.

“Rightlander’s priorities are largely driven by our clients’ requirements and we provide data to several large companies dealing in multiple regulated or soon to be regulated territories. Portugal’s igaming market grew to €69.8m in the first quarter of 2020 and the gambling industry in Bulgaria continues to grow and become more and more interesting for international companies so it was only a matter of time before we included these markets into our offering,” Ian Sims, founder of Rightlander, said.

Rightlander’s distributor compliance database searches every website and generates a list of all locations to which the trademarks of an operator are referred and/or related.

It follows each link on the website towards its final destination, takes a screenshot and stores it in a personal library. This is designed to enable operators to have full oversight of the affiliates that link to their brands.

The platform also helps operators to schedule compliance breach incidents that will be immediately alerted when they occur allowing them to respond and fix instantly.

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