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The Swiss Lottery and Betting Board that was previously known as Comlot is now rebranded as Gespa. All of Comlot’s rights, functions and responsibilities were acquired by Gespa, including oversight of large-scale gambling, including Swiss sports betting and lotteries.

Gespa’s board of directors is made up of six members, including the president and two members representing each French and German-speaking part of Switzerland. It also has a member for the Italian-speaking part of the country.

In the new organisational structure, former Comlot commissioners became ex-officio members of Gespa’s supervisory board. While the Comlot secretariat became the office of the new body.

Gespa has various functions and responsibilities. It must ensure the creation of a safe and socially responsible gaming environment for Swiss citizens when it comes to skill-based games and sports betting.

Another of its functions is to combat illegal gambling through the creation of a blacklist of websites that operate without a license.

The body must do its best to prevent any kind of match manipulation. It will be in charge of the preparation of reports and will ensure that national and foreign authorities, as well as sports organisations and gambling operators, are kept informed.

Another responsibility of the Swiss regulator will be to compile annual statistics related to gambling at all levels and to provide information on the income from sports betting and the use of lotteries.

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