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Innovative Technology has launched CashGenic kit, the hygienic cash automation kit. It is an affordable, single kit that is easy to use and does not take a lot of time or investment to install.

“Whilst the World Health Organisation have said there is currently no evidence to confirm that Covid-19 can be transmitted through coins or banknotes a lot of retailers are strongly advising other forms of payment. By utilising our CashGenic solution you can assist those customers who still want to use cash payments to do so safely,” Marcus Tiedt, Sales and Marketing Director of Innovative Technology, said.

CashGenic has been developed to assist business around the world to take more hygienic cash payments. Utilising intelligent note and coin recyclers from Innovative Technology, CashGenic provides secure cash payments and protects staff and customers; enabling social distancing during cash transactions while eliminating the need for staff to handle cash.

“The CashGenic kit provides everything required to start taking safer cash payments, simply power and fill the recycler devices. An android app make set up simple. The system is suitable for many applications including convenience stores, bakeries, butchers, pharmacies and petrol stations. We supply the kit, not the finished box. We can put customers in touch with OEM’s who can supply the finished box if they cannot obtain from their usual payment systems supplier,” Marcus Tiedt added.

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