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Payment services provider PXP Financial has launched a new research into the payment habits of different generations of players in the online gaming and betting space.

The research looks at topical payment issues to provide the sector with a deeper understanding of its target market, revealing various key perceptions from customers of the online gaming and betting industry.

When securing the sentiments of each generation on their payment habits, PXP Financial found that Millennials (1981–1995) are the biggest spenders and prefer to use debit payments. In contrast, Generation X (1965–1980) prefers to play with credit instead.

January’s announcement of a credit card ban across the industry produced interesting results. Unsurprisingly, Generation X had an incredibly negative response. However, perhaps more surprisingly, each of the generations had a majority negative view on the regulation, leading to over 50% of the respondents citing it to be harmful to the sector.

“At PXP Financial we work hard to ensure we understand trends within various markets and how they will affect our clients. It is our hope that the insights provided within this sentiment research will provide the industry with a greater understanding of its target groups and help our clients with their market strategies,” Koen Vanpraet, CEO of PXP Financial, said.