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Wyvern by USA-based one-person indie game development team Ghost Track Inc has won the 27th Fan Favorite voting round at the Game Development World Championship 2021. Wyvern is available in Early Access in Steam or via the developer website.

“Wyvern is a real-time, top-down 2D, graphical, massively multiplayer RPG. The game has thousands of maps and playable areas, hundreds of skills, spells and monsters, and all the features you would expect from a big fun RPG: Guilds, crafting, level editing, community features and more!”

2nd Place: Hexia by Black Mastiff Studio from Italy. “Hexia is a management game, where your task, as the King of the Realm you have been assigned, is to create and expand the territory, build new infrastructures and command and lead your people.”

3rd Place: ENDO by Dez Boyle from USA. “ENDO is a whimsical adventure with a focus on physical interaction. Embark on a surreal adventure set in an abstract psychedelic landscape, accompanied by original art, music and sound.”

GDWC team sends congratulations to the winner and thanks to all Nominees.

Every week throughout the championship season GDWC will feature nine new games in an open vote with the winner moving on to finals in the Fan Favorite category. This week’s vote is already open. Check out the nominees below.

GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite Vote 28 Nominees are:
– EDDA Cafe by Mushroomallow Studio (Indonesia)
– I See Red by Whiteboard Games (Argentina)
– IRON WORLD by Iron games (Russia)
– Lucy Dreaming by Tall Story Games (United Kingdom)
– Mirlo: Above the Sun by DigiPen Bilbao – Kaiju in the Bayou (Spain)
– Northern Journey by Slid Studio (Norway)
– Power Of Slide by ABG (Russia)
– The Mole Men by Molton Studio (Switzerland)
– Woodland Empire by Obvlong (USA)

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