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Xsolla, the video game commerce company powered by its Transaction Engine and Business Engine to help developers and publishers market, sell, connect and optimise their games globally, has launched their new esports solution, enabling video game developers, publishers and esports event producers to create engaging fan experiences with safe and secure payment processing, globally.

The new programme provides a straightforward, streamlined solution for the fastest growing entertainment segment worldwide.

With Xsolla’s full suite of products, companies can work with esports properties or build their own esports platform with streamlined payments and subscriptions plans. With programmes that scale from small local skill-based matchups to massive global majors, virtual and in-venue, a range of scalable solutions are available to elevate gameplay in the promotion of a title.

“It’s a great time for companies to engage with esports as the category continues to see major growth, with projections of over $1.1 billion in revenue and nearly 500 million viewers by the end of 2021. Xsolla’s new solution, which we’ll keep adding new tools to based on partner needs, is designed to help companies build or expand their esports presence and monetize their efforts,” Berkley Egenes, VP of Marketing – Game Commerce at Xsolla, said.

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