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Aggregator and platform provider United Remote has been shortlisted for the SBC Awards software innovation category by having embraced substantial change over the past 18 months to streamline new integrations and provide operators profitable real-time data. This is all part of upping United Remote’s service to the iGaming industry and ensuring that the B2B-channel is given priority with an easy-to-use back-end where operators can quickly set up the tools available on the platform.

United Remote is a rapidly-growing aggregator and platform provider, which has undergone a significant transformation over the last year as recognised by the prestigious SBC Awards shortlisting, extensively re-organising and redefining the core offering to reshape the way the company engages with operators, game partners and other stakeholders. In addition, United Remote has been building a strong compliance culture as well as raising standards in terms of transparency.

United Remote has also carefully assembled a differentiated portfolio of over 2000 entertaining, innovative and unique games that complement their own in-house titles.

United Remote has successfully completed a period of intensive reshaping driven by the need to embrace game-changing innovation which has resulted in major technology and enterprise investments. The organisational culture has been significantly reshaped to provide added-value to operators.

As part of the change management process, recently United Remote moved to new office surroundings at 14 East, Malta’s second tallest building, a move that mirrors management’s ambition to be a leading industry platform, delivering technology and services that are used by the global iGaming industry.

United Remote Group CEO Jeremy Fall said: “We are delighted to be shortlisted by the respected SBC Awards and gratified that the judges have acknowledged that we have evolved into a best-of-breed aggregator and platform that is replete with engaging entertainment as well as providing a solid B2B service. This shortlisting is a confirmation of a consistently high level of work and effort put in by the entire team, and we all look forward to the awards night in December.”

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