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DiffusionData Offers Free Trial of Diffusion Cloud




DiffusionData, the pioneer and leader in real-time data streaming, today announced that Diffusion Cloud is now available free on a no obligation one month’s trial, with no deployment costs. Diffusion Cloud is used by companies worldwide and simplifies and speeds data-driven, real-time application development, reduces operational costs, and economically delivers hyper-personalised data.

To support new sign ups, DiffusionData will make service engineers available if a trialist requires advice during the set-up process. To sign up for the free trial and to start using Diffusion Cloud today, click here.

Andrey Nikishin, Senior Cloud Product Manager at DiffusionData, said: “Anybody that signs up will gain access to a mature, fully managed service, free of charge for a month. Diffusion Cloud removes many of the obstacles developers face when using open source or in-house built solutions, most notably in terms of scalability and latency. Diffusion Cloud offers a predictability which is reassuring for companies that are streaming high volumes of real time business critical data.”

Scalability and Reducing CapEx and OpEx Costs


Operational costs are always a focus for companies. To reduce costs there is a need for a framework which can reduce operational complexity and cost, manage increased scale of real-time data delivery to meet market demands, and assure data access control and security. The key to success is deploying a framework, like Diffusion Cloud, that can easily and reliably scale up and down as required and also deliver data with optimal efficiency using data deltas and compression algorithms to reduce bandwidth usage.

Diffusion Cloud securely consumes data from any source then provides a flexible model to organize and hyper-personalise granular data. Its real-time event broker with intelligent queuing and patented delta-streaming protocol can save businesses 90% in bandwidth costs.

Connecting, Transforming and Delivering Real-time Data

Technology providers are looking to introduce solutions which reduce bandwidth and infrastructure requirements for customers to enable lower day-to-day operational costs, less system stress during peak events, and reduced support costs. However, many providers still use systems built on open source technology, which was good to get the framework up and running, but is now restrictive in terms of scalability and functionality. The reality is that legacy technologies are not smart and send too much data to too many people unnecessarily, which is inefficient and expensive. Peak events will frequently cause massive loads on infrastructure and increase bandwidth needs.

Streaming technologies need to be aware of data usage to minimise bandwidth requirements. In order to manage and transmit deltas or changes to data, the framework must have the capability to know what has been sent, when it was sent, and to whom it was sent. These features allow companies to enhance their applications and expand revenue opportunities.


Diffusion Cloud addresses the demanding needs of vendors where handling scale, performance, regulatory requirements, disparate geographies, and infrastructure efficiency, are vital to business success.


One of the key differentiators for many companies is to offer a personalised experience. There is a business need to anticipate customer desire based on their actions. Responding to customers in a personalised manner can move the goal posts away from churn and towards customer retention and increased engagement. When a customer engages with a site it is critical that they can easily choose options which address their specific requirements. To do this you need to be able to connect to a variety of data sources. In the past, this meant engaging in a drawn out, expensive data integration project. Today, companies can use a data framework to save time.

This is when solutions like Diffusion Cloud become a necessity. It is purpose-built to oversee the unique, real-time data ingestion, processing, and delivery challenges among data sources, applications, users, and devices for companies.

In summary, Diffusion Cloud will:

  • Seed development and shorten go-to-market time for new offerings
  • Control and secure event-data flowing to and from millions of online customers
  • Reduce development and ongoing operational costs; simplify deployment
  • Assure regulatory compliance for geographic expansion; and
  • Deliver personalised and enriched individual experiences.

Industry Recognition

Last year, Diffusion Cloud won the “Cloud Data Management Solution of the Year” award at the Computing Cloud Excellence Awards. It was also shortlisted for awards at the TradingTech Insight Awards – Europe, Data Management Insight Awards – Europe, CloudX Awards, EGR B2B Awards, Data Management Insight Awards – USA, EGR North America Awards, SBC Awards North America, and the Trading Tech Insight Awards – USA.


About DiffusionData
DiffusionData (formerly Push Technology) is a pioneer in the world of real time data distribution. The company provides infrastructure software to customers that use fast-moving data streams. The software is delivered as a cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution to companies worldwide, in sectors such as financial services, eGaming, retail, transportation, health, defence and digital media.

DiffusionData empowers organisations to connect, transform, and deliver data instantaneously, supporting informed decisions and driving business innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Serving personalized low-latency data to millions presents a difficult scaling issue that DiffusionData can solve.

The DiffusionData team has the expertise that matters – merging business and technology insights to create world-class solutions. Learn more at



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