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According to a recent study by Agriculture Producers & Reapers International Limited (APRIL), there is now a global shortage of fruit including cherries, bananas and oranges due to the impact of Covid19 on farming.

The always curious team at Future Anthem, the world’s leading gaming AI and Game Data Science partner, have had their team of Data Scientists working tirelessly through the data to understand the potential impact that this shortage might have in the world of Online Slots.

According to, of the 19+ thousand games listed, 2242 have fruit themes which means that approx. 11.8% of slot games could be affected by this shortage. What is even more bizarre, is that Future Anthem’s AI engine (Anthemetrics) has analysed Billions player transactions, Million hours of playtime and Terabytes of data and it has uncovered that the biggest impact related specifically to cherries!

As you would expect, the data scientists at Future Anthem are working tirelessly through the data to understand why there is a bias towards cherries as opposed to bananas or even oranges. You can follow Anthem’s progress by following them on Twitter (@futureanthem).

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